KyTronics digital operating technology has been used for over 25 years in thousands of KYTronics process controls such as positioners for pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators and unique control systems not available with conventional control.  We offer an ever expanding list of products with unique features and capabilities.  All our equipment includes a noncontact digital position encoder with discrete Hall Effect magnetic sensors in an array on an encoder board.

KYTronics unique digital technology provides equipment to accomplish control objectives not available with conventional equipment.  This includes:

  • Digitally operated DLA and DMCLU Positioners for pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and water operated rotary and linear shaft actuators.

  • Actuator operators position a pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator/valve from a remote location and display the current actuator position without a controller.

  • Select-A-Range Positioners/Controllers receive a process signal and modulate an actuator/valve to maintain the process within defined ranges.

  • Airpro-DC Demand Pressure Controls optimize compressed air flow to reduce cost.

  • Position Transmitters use noncontact digital technology to generate analog actuator position signal.

KyTronics DLA positioners are available to operate in the most severe conditions encountered in the process industries.  The encoder and solenoid valves furnished with HT Models operate to 300 degrees F.  Because the Logic electronics are remotely located, adverse conditions in the area of the actuator and vibration (even severe vibration) have not prevented satisfactory operation.

KyTronics positioners have advantages not available with conventional positioners including:

  • Quick direct setup and calibration

  • Rapid, accurate response to controller signal change eliminates controller "windup" and "overshoot

  • Noncontact position encoder eliminates need for recalibration

  • Operation not affected by change in air pressure or oil/water in supply air

  • "0" air bleed reduces operating cost

  • Eliminate signal to pressure conversion

  • KyTron on board programming allows field selection of up to 32 different responses to the controller signal

  • External solenoids valves control air flow to the actuator to prevent oil and/or water in supply air from entering positioner.

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